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Specializing in the evaluation of bone health, fracture prevention and, when necessary, the treatment of osteoporosis.

What is Osteoporosis and how can we help?

Osteoporosis is a preventable, treatable condition where one’s bones become weak and brittle. One in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures during their life.

Here are some of the services our office offers each patient to prevent & treat osteoporosis.

  • Preventative Care
  • Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Fracture Risk Assessment
  • DXA Bone Density Scan
  • Lifestyle Evaluations

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May is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month!


Preventative Care

It’s easier and most cost-effective to prevent a problem rather than solve it. Our team will help put together a customizable plan to prevent osteoporosis.

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Hypophosphatasia, or HPP, is an inherited (genetic) metabolic disorder. People with this condition have low levels of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALP), which often affects the development of bones and teeth.

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Bone Health Evaluations

Fractures may mend, but the underlying cause also needs to be treated. We provide complete bone health evaluations and treatments to prevent more breaks and fractures.

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Leaving a Nationally-Recognized Legacy


Leaving a Nationally-Recognized Legacy

Dr. Jay Ginther

July 10, 1946 - February 4, 2021

If anyone was a leader in bone health, it was Dr. Jay Ginther. Ginther founded the Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute after he witnessed the problems poor bone health causes in older adults. His dedication to preventing osteoporosis and other bone health conditions cemented his reputation as a national leader in bone health.

Before his passing in 2021, Dr. Ginther spoke nationwide about the importance of strong bones and how to prevent bone fractures. He was founder and president of the Iowa Bone Club and presented research at National Osteoporosis Foundation and American Society for Bone Mineral Research meetings.

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Updated Web Site

Good morning readers. The new Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute website and blog are up and running. I plan to post once a week on topics related to Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteomalacia and metabolic bone disorders. My hope is to continue the great work my mentor and the founder of the Bone Health Institute, Dr. Jay…

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Vertebral Fractures Again and Again and Again – Nothing Can Be Done??? Wrong!!!

I was told last week about the mother of an acquaintance in Chicago.  His mother has had Vertebral Fractures again and again and again.  After each fracture she has been told that nothing can be done to prevent another vertebral fracture.  She is turning into a pretzel as her spine crumbles. After 2 vertebral fractures,…

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Start with a Complete Bone Health Evaluation

You just tripped and suffered a minor fracture?  You just started menopause or male low “T”?  You are now on Medicare?  Are you concerned about your bone health?  If not, you should be.  At least concerned enough to check it out. Don’t just get a DXA.  DXA alone misses 85% of Fracture Risk, especially in…

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Care About Dad on Father’s Day

Fathers Day is a time to remember your Dad.  Those young enough and fortunate enough to have a living Dad today should take time to connect and honor him, even if the best available is waving through a window or using Zoom.  Even if he is gone, take time to remember the good times and…