Why am I interested in Osteoporosis?

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I became interested in preventing osteoporosis because weak bones break easily.  As an orthopedic surgeon I tried to put them back together.  A Styrofoam coffee cup is stronger than some of the bones I have operated on..  Putting screws in Styrofoam and expecting good results does not work .

The same patients were coming back again and again with new Fragility Fractures.  That was not fun for me or for them.  That’s why I started the Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute in 2006.

The Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute treats bone health as our only focus.  We do not try to squeeze bone health in with treating other problems.  We obtain and review all the appropriate lab tests.  By treating only bone health, we have the time to do it very well. 

We test for Bone Mineral Density by DXA.  All DXA readings are by a Certified Clinical Densitometrist.  Then we do Vertebral Fracture Assessment to pick up the extra 20% of people with Osteoporosis who are missed by DXA alone.

Jay Ginther, MD                                              

2008 / Revised November 2010

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