Medications for Osteoporosis Part 1

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If Calcium and Vitamin D and Multiple Vitamins are not enough to treat your Osteoporosis, you will need to take a specific Osteoporosis Medication.  It is very important to take the Right Medication for Your Osteoporosis.  No medication is the best all the time, even for one person.

Several different classes of medications can be used for Osteoporosis.  They have entirely different effects on bones and can have very different side effects.  Determining the right medication for you as an individual is very important if you are to get the best possible results.

Osteoporosis can be simply the result of too little Calcium and Vitamin D.  Therefore you need to fix that first.  Remember that no Osteoporosis medications can work without enough Calcium and Vitamin D.

Usually Osteoporosis is due to the cells that eat away the bone (Osteoclasts) working faster than the cells that make new bone (Osteoblasts).  Osteoporosis is often “Osteoclasts Gone Wild”. 

We can treat “Osteoclasts Gone Wild” in several ways.  We can slow down the Osteoclasts by disabling, killing, or preventing them from being formed and activated.  We can reassert control over the Osteoclasts.  We can stimulate the Osteoblasts to outdo the Osteoclasts.

Jay Ginther, MD                                              

2008 / Revised December 2010

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