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December 13, 2011 2 Comments

Maybe you can get 2 beneficial effects with only 1 medication!  Some women can with Evista (Raloxifene).  Are you one of those women?

If you are at High Risk for Invasive Breast Cancer, Evista is FDA approved for prevention.  If you are also at risk for developing Osteoporosis, Evista is FDA approved for prevention and treatment.  

Evista fits into the Estrogen receptors in Breast cells and blocks them.  Tamoxifen does the same.  They both decrease the chance of Invasive Breast Cancer in women at high risk by family history and genetics.

Evista also fits into the Estrogen receptors in the cells making OPG and tells them that Estrogen is still there.  OPG is the natural control on the formation and activation of Osteoclasts, the cells that gobble up bone causing bone loss and osteoporosis.  In this action Evista is similar to modern Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Like every other medication, this is not for everyone.  If you have a personal history of a Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) or if you are a Smoker, you should consider other options.  Some women have hot flashes worsened (or rarely improved) by Evista.

I seriously consider Evista for every woman at high risk for invasive breast cancer.

A further advantage is that you can safely continue therapy indefinitely.  Evista has none of the possible long term effects of Bisphosphonates.  Many Women’s Health providers often use Evista.

Jay Ginther, MD

December 2011

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  • Judith Sebring

    Have I waited too long to take Evista, 2008 T Score -1.7 in L1 -L4, 2010 Score -1.9, 2012 Score -2.3.

    I value your opinion. Thank you,

    • Dr. Ginther

      Your physician needs to look at the whole picture.
      DXA is a lot mor than a simple t-score. You need to look at the whole study and compare year to year in BMD at each site.
      You need to check labs and lateral spine to be sure there are not other issues besides post-menopaussal state.
      Evista is usually an effective antiresorptive.
      No medication works without enough Calcium and Vitamin D3.

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