Vertebroplasty or Kyphoplasty = Osteoporosis

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If you have a Vertebroplasty or a Kyphoplasty, you have Osteoporosis!

Both procedures are done for painful, fresh Vertebral Compression Fractures (crunches of the spine).  If your spine goes crunch suddenly or gradually, that trumps DXA and BMD.  You have Osteoporosis!  You have an Increased Fracture Risk.  You need treatment for your Osteoporosis.

You are likely to have at least one more crunch within the year, if you do not treat the Osteoporosis.

First you need to fully evaluate your situation with Lateral Spine X-rays or VFA, along with a DXA.  You need the full blood tests.  You need a detailed history, an exam, and a full discussion of your options.  You need to get your 25-hydroxy Vitamin D above 40ng/ml.  You need to get 1500 mg of Calcium between diet and Calcium Citrate supplement.

If this is your only Fragility Fracture, Antiresorptive medication should be enough.  Two, three or more vertebral or other Fragility Fractures usually means that you should consider the Anabolic, Forteo.

Treating your Osteoporosis should not wait for your diabetes or hypertension or cholesterol or asthma or any other medical issues to be solved first.  A separate visit to discuss how to salvage your Bone Health is a great idea.  But the workup needs to start right away, and decisions should be made within a week or two of your Spine Going Crunch, or it will happen again.

Vertebral Fractures are a Bone Attack.  Heed the warning.

Jay Ginther, MD

December 2011

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