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February 2, 2012 Leave your thoughts

“It is too hard to remember calcium pills 3 times a day” is something I hear daily from my patients.  I agree.  I cannot always remember my calcium citrate 3 times daily.  But I very rarely miss a dose.  How can that be?

I use a system that cost me less than $5.  You should use it too.  Take control of your meds.

Like many of you, I take over a dozen pills daily of 9 different meds at 3 different times.  When I started this task after my cardiac episode, I was overwhelmed.  I would finish each day wondering if I had taken the correct pills from the jumble of containers at the right times.

Now I don’t have to wonder.  My pill boxes remind me.  The cheapest are $1 for a 7 day set.  Multiple times of day require more boxes.

Even if you have been on the same meds for years, things change.  Brand names morph into Generics.  Sizes and colors of pills change as different generics are used  – sometimes in the same container.  Different companies have different names for their generics.  Confusion.  Chaos!

Carefully fill your pill boxes once a week.  This actually saves time.  At worst, you are reminded of a missed dose when it is time for the next.

Many individuals have a spouse or adult child or friend assist in sorting out the pile of different bottles.  Whatever works.  Just get it right every day.

Jay Ginther, MD

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