CMP is Complete Metabolic Profile – Part 1

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CMP is “Complete Metabolic Profile”.  The tests in a CMP can be key to bone health.    We’ll start with Serum Calcium (calcium in the blood).

Bones store Calcium for later use by the rest of the body.  The serum Calcium level is very important for heart, nerve, and muscle function.  Too litttle calcium and your heart could stop.

A NORMAL serum calcium value does not mean that your are getting enough daily calcium.  You could be stealing calcium from your bones in order to keep your heart going.

A LOW serum calcium usually indicates that you are not absorbing enough calcium, due to insufficient intake, or low vitamin D level, or malabsorption.  Sometimes it indicates that you are losing calcium due to kidney disease, too much sodium intake, diabetes, excessive water intake, or excessive phosphate intake (think cola).  You can have a NORMAL serum calcium despite any of these issues if you steal enough calcium from your bones.  That is Secondary HyperParaThyroidism.  (See PTH in an upcoming post.)

CMP includes a dozen individual tests.  These are often part of an assessment of general health.  Your primary doctor may have already run these tests looking for medical issues.  I can usually review these tests up to 2-3 months later instead of redrawing them.  We will look at other tests next time.

Jay Ginther, MD

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