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March 23, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Last week I had 2 “shaddows” for 2 days each.  They had lots of questions.  Once again I had an opportunity to learn from those I am teaching.  One “shaddow” was a Family Medicine doc from another community.  She brought a different perspective from my Orthopedic background.  Her questions got me thinking along unfamiliar lines.  That is good.  Her more recent medical school training gives her knowledge of medical conditions that I have not studied in 30+ years.

The other “shaddow” last week was a Nurse Practitioner student in her last months of training.  Her 20 years experience as a nurse (RN)  gave yet another perspective, especially in how to communicate very well with patients. 

Many of the practitioners dealing with osteoporosis evaluation, prevention and treatment are NP or PA-C background.  I have one of each working with me in the past.  MD or DO with Family Medicine certification is also becoming more common.  These are good trends.

The original degree and certification is not as important as interest and willingness to focus on osteoporosis issues.  Everyone I know in the field (including me) has taken focussed study specifically about bone health issues to become “expert” enough to deal with most problems.  Everyone needs to know when to send the patient to someone else with more knowledge in a specific detail.

Last week I was reminded that teaching others is one of the best ways to learn more yourself.

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