Test for Vitamin D Level

February 15, 2011 Leave your thoughts

The only way to be certain that you do not have a Vitamin D deficiency is to test for 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level.  This is a blood test.  The test measures 25-hydroxy Vitamin D2, 25-hydroxy Vitamin D3, and Total 25-hydroxy Vitamin D.  This test is not yet part of routine blood testing for everyone.  It should be done more often.

We have learned that daily vitamin D needs and optimal levels for vitamin D are much higher than we previously thought.

Testing for 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level is a basic part of any bone health or Osteoporosis evaluation.  Vitamin D Deficiency is the most common contributing factor to Osteoporosis.  Fortunately, Vitamin D Deficiency is the contributing factor to Osteoporosis that is most easily treated and prevented from returning.

If you have not ever been tested for 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level, ask your doctor to order this test at your next check-up.

Jay Ginther, MD

2008 / Revised Feb 2011

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