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October 8, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Yesterday Iowa set a new world record for the most people simultaneously exercising.  291,000 Iowans walked for at least a kilometer over the noon hour on Friday.  The theme was “Start Somewhere”.

Few individuals find the perfect day and time to begin a healthier lifestyle.  Calcium, Vitamin D, Fiber, Multiple Vitamins & Minerals, Balance, Weight-bearing Exercise…  So?  Just “Start Somewhere”.

A total makeover of your life all at once is nearly impossible to sustain.  But taking just one small step at a time can eventually snowball into everything you need to do.

291,000 Iowans have started to walk a km daily.  Some will succeed in making this an everyday part of their life.  Once that is routine, they will add the next step. Perhaps a healthier diet.  Perhaps adding vitamin D and enough Calcium.

Osteoporosis prevention and treatment is the same way.  Take Control Naturally by incorporating all the necessary good bone health measures into your lifestyle.  Start Somewhere – Start Now.

Jay Ginther, MD

October 2011

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