You Can’t Fall Down the Stairs

November 13, 2011 Leave your thoughts

You can’t fall down the stairs if there are none!  If you plan ahead when buying a home, there are no stairs that you need to climb.

My father-in-law just celebrated his 90th birthday.  He struggles with stairs several times a day in his split level home while desperately hanging on to the handrail with both hands.  He stumbles frequently.  One day he will fall and break a hip.

His house requires him to go up and down stairs multiple times every day among 3 different levels.  Stairs require much greater strength and agility than one level.  Stairs offer a much greater risk of falling and breaking a hip.

All 4 of his adult children will never have that problem. We all have homes with master bedroom, master bath, kitchen, laundry, and TV room on the main floor.  We all bought them in our 40’s.  We have planned ahead.

Take Control Naturally.  Plan ahead!  You can’t fall down the stairs if your home has no stairs that you need to climb!

Jay Ginther, MD

November 2011

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