FRAX = Fracture Risk Assessment Tool

November 7, 2011 1 Comment

Fracture Risk!  You need to know Your Personal Fracture Risk. That is a lot more complicated than just your BMD or t-score.  FRAX is a huge step forward in calculating Your Personal Fracture Risk.

Personal Hip Fracture or Vertebral Compression Fractures (even if only found by x-ray or VFA) pre-empt FRAX.  Along with DXA, change in BMD, t-score, lab tests, and Fragility Fractures, FRAX can help you and your doctor decide on what YOU need to prevent or treat Osteoporosis.

Fracture Risk actually varies more with age than with t-score.  Family history of a hip fracture counts.  Personal history of fracture is important.  Multiple fractures require an extra fudge factor.  Smoking is real bad.  Steroid pills or inhalers increase risk. Other factors count too.

FRAX is the result of years of study by the International Osteoporosis Foundation and the World Health Organization.  The calculations are based on the fractures experienced by the tens of thousands of “placebo group” individuals who did not take osteoporosis medications.

Calcium in Foods or Calcium Supplements, Vitamin D Supplements, and daily balance and strengthening exercises are needed by everyone.  See the Take Control Naturally series.

FRAX is part of a complete Bone Health evaluation. Know your Fracture Risk.

Jay Ginther, MD

November 2011

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  • Marcia

    I have had a total of three Prolia injections, the last one this past June 7. Recently a gold crown came off the back left lower molar. My new dentist (long time one retired) said there is too much decay present to replace the crown. I forgot to mention the Prolia. He referred me to an oral surgeon I saw years ago for an extraction and implant. He mentioned at the time that he would not touch me if I were on Fosamax. The dentist it is unlikely I would lol need a transplant because that tooth really isn’t used for anything. I have to call the oral surgeon tomorrow. Is it likely that 1) Prolia caused this problem; and 2) Prolia will be a contraindication to tooth extraction?

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