Vitamin D Prevents Fractures – Only If You Take Enough!

July 10, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Last week NEJM published a study that looked at actual total Vitamin D intake by individuals (65 and older) in the study.  No previous study had divided individuals by their total Vitamin D intake (their assigned supplement + what they were already taking) and also asked how often they actually took their meds.

Those taking total 800 IU Vit D or more daily showed a 30% decrease in hip fractures.  This is highly significant.  This is also the first time persons taking 800 IU daily were studied.  When all individuals assigned to (400 IU) Vit D were combined (including those rarely taking their assigned dose) the 10% decrease in hip fractures was not statistically significant.

Dr Bischoff-Ferrari headed the team who studied 31,000 persons in 11 combined studies which asked and recorded how much total Vit D individuals were taking.  This eliminates the problem of people assigned to take a med being counted as taking the med even if they do not.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation, the Endocrine Society and others recommend at least 800 IU total Vit D daily.  This mtea-analysis study confirms that taking at least 800 IU daily is effective.  It suggests that even more is better.  It also confirms that less than 800 IU daily is NOT effective – something confirmed many times in past studies.

Test for your Vitamin D level.  We aim for 40-80 ng/ml.  Then Take Control Naturally with appropriate Vit D3 doses for you personally. 

We finally have proof that Vit D prevents fractures, BUT only if you take enough!

Jay Ginther, MD

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