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July 2, 2012 2 Comments

Prolia has been available for postmenopausal women for 2 years.  It is the only Antiresorptive appropriate for persons with both reflux disease (GERD) and decreased renal function (mild kidney failure).  But it was not FDA approved for men.  Now it is approved, but only for a few men.

Men with Prostate Cancer taking medications to eliminate Testosterone (hormonal ablation) and without metastases (cancer spread to bone and other tissues) are now approved for Prolia.  Prolia can delay the spread of cancer to bone, sometimes for years.  All other men must wait for studies demonstrating that Prolia works on osteoporosis the same in  men as in women.

So far, all osteoporosis medications have had comparable effects in men as in women.  However, the FDA requires separate studies to prove efffectiveness in each sex.  Naturally the first studies are done on postmenopausal women since they have the greatest likelihood of osteoporosis and high fracture risk.

Ironically, Denosumab (the active ingredient in Prolia) had already been approved for use in men.  The cancer drug Xgeva is Denosumab given in higher doses and more often.  It is approved in men with prostate and other cancers who DO have metastases to bone.  Xgeva can be very effective in slowing, and sometimes reversing, the growth of metastases in bone and other tissues when combined with other treatments.  That’s a winner.

I look forward to some day being able to use Prolia on men without cancer, but with high fracture risk for other reasons.  The more options we have, the better we can tailor treatment to each individual person.

Jay Ginther, MD

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  • antuan Chahin

    Hi Doctor Jay Ginther,

    I live in Mexico City. I am Male and 36 old and I have a problem with my bone density. for some reason the last 2 year my density has been decreasing.

    My doctor in Mexico suggeted to take prolia, but i have read in different articles on the internet that Prolia is not for Men.

    I dont have any other health problem, but i want to be sure that is safe to take the medication,

    Can you please give me your opinion on this matter.

    Thank you.

    • Dr. Ginther

      Your doctor needs to find the reason for your bone density loss
      Low calcium in diet, low Vitamin D level in your blood, smoking, steroid inhalers, alcohol, several diseases all are common reasons for bone loss.
      Read about the full evaluation in the blog
      Prolia is approved in the USA for men only if they have prostate cancer and no metastaces.
      Prolia is an effective antiresorptive, if there are no other reasons for your loss of bone

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