Androgen Deprivation Therapy – ADT

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Androgen Deprivation Therapy is used to treat Prostate Cancer.  ADT is usually effective against Prostate Cancer, adding years to a man’s life.  However, ADT can cause Osteoporosis and Fractures, UNLESS we treat to Prevent Fractures.

The good news is that we can decrease Fracture Risk by more than half.  Plus, the medication which preserves bone can help treat the cancer!  We can usually delay, and sometimes prevent, metastases to bone.  Occasionally we can shrink the original prostate cancer tumor.  Amazing!  You can Take Control.

If you are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, get a complete evaluation of the extent of the cancer and review your options with a Urologist.  If you already have metastases to bone, your Oncologist will probably use Zometa (Zolendronate dosing for cancer) or Xgeva (Denosumab dosing for cancer).  These medications will usually markedly slow the progression of you metastases.

If you were diagnosed early enough you will not yet have metastases.  That is good.  Prolia (Denosumab dosing for osteoporosis) is approved by the FDA for use in men at risk for bone loss from their prostate cancer treatment with ADT.  That means you do not have to wait for bone loss or a fracture to qualify for preventive therapy.  Prevention is always better.

If you have Prostate Cancer, treat it.  If that treatment includes ADT, get a Complete Bone Health Evaluation.  Pre-emptive treatment for Bone Health can Prevent Fractures.  (Women being treated for Breast Cancer will be addressed in another post.)

Take Action, Take Control.

Jay Ginther, MD

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