Tasty Calcium Supplements

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Calcium Supplements can be chewable chocolate and other flavors.  You need to try these to see which brand tastes good to you.  Some taste like a calcium tablet with some flavoring.  Others can taste quite good.  Pick whichever one makes you want to take your calcium every day!

If you can easily detect a chalky feel to the chews, the Calcium Carbonate may not be finely enough ground to get around the issues of needing lots of acid in the stomach.  If you are someone with possible problems digesting Calcium Carbonate, you might want to switch.  Or use Calcium Citrate.

My personal favorite is Adora Premium Chocolates. Adora makes Belgian style chocolates with Calcium, Vit D3 and Magnesium added.  The Calcium Carbonate is so finely ground that absorption is usually not a problem.  Adora is a little more expensive, but it tastes the best, and is easy on the stomach.

Adora is not a calcium tablet with chocolate flavor.  It is a premium milk or dark chocolate with Calcium, Vit D3, and Magnesium added. You can get it at Q&T Pharmacy in Waterloo, UMP Pharmacy, or from www.adoracalcium.com.

It doesn’t matter how, but you must consume a Minimum of 1200 to 1500 mg Calcium daily to have good Bone Health.  See the chart for Calcium in foods.  Remember to check the serving sizes.

Remember 2000 units of Vitamin D every day.  Also at least 40 mg of Magnesium every day.

Jay Ginther, MD

2008 / Revised March 2011

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