Medication Alone is Not Enough

June 21, 2012 Leave your thoughts

I see many patients who have failed to improve on osteoporosis medications.  The vast majority of those patients are not getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D to succeed.

Osteoporosis medication alone is not adequate.  A study released last week of patients in France in 2010 brought this home again.  Patients receiving medication AND Enough Calcium in Diet and Supplements Together AND Enough Vitamin D, maintained Bone Mineral Density significantly better than those who did not get all 3.

French doctors did better than the US average in prescribing Calcium and Vitamin D.  There 75% of patients got all 3 prescriptions.  Here the average is still barely 25%, although we are improving.

Get tested for Vitamin D level.  Most of my Iowa patients need 2000 to 5000 units of D3 daily.  If you are low, you need to fill up your storage areas before you will actually use what you get.

Total Calcium intake of diet and supplements COMBINED should be 1200 to 1500 mg daily.  If you have heartburn or digestive problems, OR if you take antacids or medicines like Pepcid, Prilosec or Nexium, OR if you take calcium not with a meal; you need Calcium Citrate, not just “Calcium”.

Take Control Naturally with enough Calcium and Vitamin D3.  You may also need medications, but you absolutely need Calcium and Vitamin D3 to achieve good bone health.

Jay Ginther, MD

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