Pedestrian in Prague

October 9, 2012 Leave your thoughts

I was recently in Prague, Berlin, and other points along the Elbe.  Walking throughout the old cities of Europe is a way of life.  Many have pedestrian districts where cars are forbidden.  Streets and even sidewalks are often cobblestone which are never completely level.  Navigating the old streets of Europe forces you to Take Contol Naturally.

Standing, walking, climbing stairs, and carrying your groceries home every day help to promote good bone health.  Strong muscles help make strong bones.  Maintaining good balance on uneven surfaces helps to prevent falls.  Fewer falls means fewer fractures and lower fracture risk.

Walking encourages better posture.  Holding your head up high exercises your back muscles.  This is an important way to prevent Kyphosis or “hump-back”.  You can help prevent Vertebral Fractures.  That decreases shortness of breath, heartburn and constipation later in life.

Walking moderate distances (up to 500 meters or yards) several times daily is a good way to Take Control Naturally.  Moderate exercise leads to stronger bones, a stronger heart, better conditioned lungs, better muscle strength, better conditioning, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and less Type 2 Diabetes.  Wow!

Maybe a way of life that has generally succeeded in Europe and most of the world for centuries could also work here.  Try being a pedestrian.  Prevent Osteoporosis.

Jay Ginther, MD

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