HyperParaThyroidism Steals Calcium From Bone

January 17, 2014 Leave your thoughts

High ParaThyroid Hormone (PTH) levels take Calcium out of your Bones.  This is good as an occasional event to cover short periods of low calcium intake.   Bones store calcium for use in the body.  Only recently have we discovered that the flow of calcium into and out of bones is a minute by minute process, controlled by PTH.

As long as equal amounts of calcium flow into and out of your bones daily and weekly, life is good.  But, if PTH is high most of the time, you eventually drain too much calcium from your bones and you Fracture.  We check PTH as part of a Complete Bone Health Evaluation.  High PTH is much more common than we once thought.  It is called HyperParaThyroidism and comes in 3 types.

Primary HyperParaThyroidism was discovered first.  Only recently we have learned that is is far less common than we thought.  Many cases are being reclassified as Tertiary.

Secondary HyperParaThyroidism is by far the most common, accounting for over 90% of what I see in my practice.  This is actually a case of the ParaThyroid Glands doing their job.  Fortunately it is the easiest to treat.

Tertiary HyperParaThyroidism typically happens after many years of undetected and untreated Secondary disease.  It has traditionally been mistaken for Primary disease.

All three increase Fracture Risk.  All three can be treated if you believe that Preventing Fractures is worth the trouble.

You can take control of your bone health.  Get an evaluation to find out how.

Jay Ginther, MD

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