Thank You Mothers – You Give A Lot

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Mothers give a lot to their children – even their bones!  That is a hidden sacrifice, and a great gift.  That is why it is important to maximize your Bone Health before becoming pregnant.  During pregnancy and nursing, the baby comes first.

Pregnant and nursing Moms literally eat for two.  The baby gets first priority for Calcium, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.  If the mother does not eat enough for both, she suffers.  If the mother is already deficient, both suffer.  

Some birth defects have been traced to nutritional deficiencies.  Anencephaly and  some defects of spine are far less common now that women take Folate during pregnancy.  Special maternal vitamin and mineral supplements are a big deal.  Added Calcium, Protein, and adeqate levels of Vitamin D are also needed.

In Orthopedics, we have known for decades that pregnant and nursing women often do not fully heal fractures until they stop nursing.  The baby gets all the calcium it needs, even if the mother has to drain her bones to supply it.

Mothers need to pay close attention to their Bone Health before and after pregnancy and lactation.  That allows them to give the best to their children, and still have enough for themselves.

Thanks Moms for everything you give.

Read previous posts to learn more about your bone health needs.  Or schedule a visit for a Complete Bone Health Evaluation.

Jay Ginther, MD


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