“I Have Them In My Medicine Cabinet”

August 11, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Returning from vacation, I saw a patient today who was losing bone density despite proper medication.  This puzzled me until we dug deeper.

She says she has been taking her osteoporosis medication faithfully.  However, she usually neglects her Calcium, Vitamin D, and Multiple Vitamin.  She has them in her medicine cabinet, but……

I like to know that my patients have acquired their Calcium, Vitamin D and Multiple Vitamin supplements to assure proper nutrician.  However, they need to go into the mouth, not stay in the medicine cabinet!

It’s like a few college kids I knew freshman year.  They thought that sleeping with the textbook under the pillow would work.  They were gone before sophmore year.

Not everyone needs official osteoporosis medicines.  Those who do need them must take them to have them work.

Everyone needs Calcium, Vitamin D, and Multiple Vitamins for optimal bone health.  No osteoporosis medication works properly without enough Calcium, Vitamin D, and Multiple Vitamins!

Unless you get enough Calcium in Foods and Vitamin D in Foods (and very few do), you need to take supplements.

Jay Ginther, MD

August 2011

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