“Bone Attack”!

August 29, 2011 Leave your thoughts

You know what a “Heart Attack” is.  It can kill or disable you.  It is a warning to take your heart health seriously.

Recently I heard the term “Bone Attack”.  Complications can kill or disable you.  What is it?  It is a warning to take your bone health seriously.  But what is it really?A “Bone Attack” is a “Fragility Fracture”.  It is a fracture caused by a fall from standing height or from no fall at all!  This includes most wrist, shoulder, and hip fractures.  Many ankle, knee, and spine fractures also are “Fragility Fractures”.

A Fragility Fracture will disable you at least for a few weeks.  Complications of some, like hip fractures, can kill.  Usually people recover and try to forget.  Wrong!!!!!

A “Bone Attack” or “Fragility Fracture” is a blessing in disguise!  It is a warning to fully evaluate your bone health and to work on improving it.  FULLY evaluate!

Full evaluation includes DXA, VFA or lateral spine looking for Vertebral (Fracture) Compression Deformities, FRAX Calculation, CBC, CMP, TSH, PTH, 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, as well as full history and examination.

“Bone Attack”?  Fight back with a full evaluation, then act.  Calcium, Vitamin D, Multiple Vitamins and Minerals, and proper exercises for balance and strength.  Good bone health does not happen by accident.  One “Bone Attack” is enough for a lifetime.

Jay Ginther, MD

August 2011

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