Don’t Treat Osteoporosis – Avoid Osteoporosis

March 3, 2012 Leave your thoughts

How can we Avoid Osteoporosis?  That was the question at the “Blue Zones” meeting this week.

The Blue Zones technique is to adopt healthy lifestyles leading to longer, healthier, happier lives.  Avoid diabetes, high bllod pressure, stroke, heart attacks and even fragility fractures.

Avoiding Osteoporosis is best begun during childhood, although late is better than never.  Adults can often “Take Control Naturally”, if they start early enough.

Children are healthier if their mothers have high calcium intake during pregnancy and breast-feeding.  The need for calcium continues, especially during growth spurts.  Calcium in Foods is best.  Beverages with high sugar, phosphates (colas are worst), and caffein drain calcium out of the bones in children and adults.

Vitamin D is needed right from birth.  Not even breast milk has enough.  The American Academy of Pediatrics regularly updates the guidelines for each age group.  My 18 month grandson is on 400 units of D3 daily.  Adults in Iowa need around 2000 units of D3 daily.

Children need an hour of running exercise every day for best bone development.  Adults need at least half that (power walking will do) to maintain great bones.

A healthy diet, exercise, and supplements as needed, all help to Avoid Osteoporosis.  If you are late starting, you may also need Osteoporosis Medications.

Jay Ginther, MD

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