A “Bone Attack” is a Warning!

May 7, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Americans suffer 2 million low trauma “fragility” fractures a year.  “Bone Attack” is much more common than heart attack.  “Bone Attack is a warning, in the same way that heart attack is a warning!

More than half of the older Americans suffering a hip fracture last year had been warned ahead of their hip fracture.  That warning was in the form of a previous fracture.  Less than 20% of those warned took any action to prevent their hip fracture.  A smaller percent than died of their fracture.

A “Bone Attack” fracture does not necessarily mean that you need to take medication.  It does mean that you need to have a complete bone health evaluation.  It means that you should at least get enough Calcium, Vitamin D and proper Exercises.

At NOF this year the emphasis was on the actions needed to Take Control Naturally.  This is the necessary first step for everyone.  A Fracture Liaison Service, such as “Own the Bone” (see the link to the right) has been shown to work well in most of the world, including the USA, at Kaiser and Geisinger.

The coming campaign is “2M2M”.  Watch for it.

Jay Ginther, MD

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