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January 23, 2014 Leave your thoughts

Again we have a patient whose Spine BMD has dropped despite good osteoporosis medication.  She takes 500 mg Calcium at breakfast and at supper.  She remembers that you can only absorb 5-600 mg Calcium at a meal.  But what about lunch?  She needs at least 200 mg more calcium in her day.

She plans to eat a yogurt for lunch.  This would get her to her minimum of 1200 mg Calcium daily – if only she remembered more than once a week.  We need to entice her with a “nooner”.  We need her to crave her calciumAdora Premium Chocolates could do it.

Managing to get enough calcium at lunch is a challenge, especially if you eat out.  Have you tried to find calcium pills in a purse (or in a pocket)?  Does any restaurant serve skim or 1% milk?  Is there such a thing as a low-calorie grilled cheese sandwich or double cheeseburger?

If you are a chocoholic like me, I have the solution.  A premium chocolate from a century old chocolate company with 500 mg calcium so finely ground that no grit is detectible.  Savor the 30 calorie chocolate instead of dessert, and you can feel totally righteous.  And improve your bone health.

Take Control Naturally by enjoying an Adora Chocolate nooner.

Jay Ginther, MD

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