Low Salt is a Double Win

March 21, 2014 Leave your thoughts

Most people know that a diet high in Sodium puts them at increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke (brain attack).  Very few people realize that a diet high in Sodium puts them at increased risk for Osteoporosis and Fracture (Bone Attack).  How can this be?

The exact same molecule controls both Sodium and Calcium in the kidney.  This means that you cannot pee out excess Sodium without also peeing out needed Calcium.  If you take in more Sodium than the 1500 mg you need daily, you need to take in extra Calcium to make up for the Calcium you pee out along with the extra Sodium.  Or you could cut down on Sodium.  That is not easy.

“Flavor enhanced” meats are injected with salt water.  Most canned soups have 700-800 mg Sodium per serving.  Deli meats typically have 600-900 mg Sodium per ounce.  A McD Angus, Bacon & Cheese with Chocolate Shake carries 2450 mg Sodium.  Way too much.

You can make your own soup with Herb-Ox Sodium Free Bouillon, natural meat, and fresh vegetables.  Mrs Dash seasonings are salt free.  Lemon and lime juice are salt free.  Some mustards and other prepared sauces are better than others.  Read the labels.

And if you must eat “fast food” McD does have healthy choices.  Southwestern Salad (no chicken) with a Fruit + Yogurt Parfait has only 220 mg sodium.  A Hamburger plus a Wildberry Smoothy has 535 mg sodium – a reasonable splurge.

Lower your salt to save your bones.  Take Control.  Skip the Salt.  Keep the Calcium.

Jay Ginther, MD




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