It’s All About Fracture Prevention

May 23, 2011 Leave your thoughts

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reaffirmed it’s core purpose – Fracture Prevention – at its International Symposium last week.  It’s back to the basics.

Fracture Prevention requires proper diet and lifestyle.  Medication alone is not enough.  In fact Medication is often not necessary in individuals who have not yet fractured. 

Fracture Prevention requires an Individualized Fracture Risk Assessment.  DXA t-score alone is not enough. 

Preventing fractures for the rest of your life requires more than popping a pill or getting an occasional DXA test.  Without enough Calcium in your diet, you are wasting your time.  Without enough vitamin D in your blood, nothing else works.  Without working on balance and conditioning, you could trip and fall and break anyway.

A complete, Personal Fracture Risk Assessment involves many factors and is far more accurate than DXA t-score alone.  Vertebral Fracture Assessment by lateral spine x-ray is equally important.  The FRAX calculation is more accurate than t-score alone.  Blood tests for vitamin D level, PTH, TSH, CBC, and Complete Metabolic Profile reveal which areas need work.  A full Bone Health consultation brings everything together in a plan of action.

Fracture Prevention requires evaluation of your current situation and corrective action as needed.  Not a bad investment in time and effort that could prevent fractures for the rest of your life.

Jay Ginther, MD

May 2011

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