Relative Risks

November 3, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Risks.  They are all around us.  But how often do bad things actually happen?  That is important to know so that you can try to avoid the likely bad things.

Tomorrow I am exhibiting at “Go Red for Women” sponsored by the American Heart Association.  Why?  Because an Osteoporotic Fracture is more than 2 times as likely as a Heart Attack in a woman over 50.

Half of all women over 50 will have an Osteoporotic Fracture.  So will 1/4th of all men.  Did you know that half of all women and men who survive a hip fracture loose their ability to live independently?

You can prevent most Osteoporotic Fractures (also called Fragility Fractures) if you recognize your risk and act.  The “Take Control Naturally” series tells the basic measures everyone should take to prevent Osteoporosis and Fractures.

Identify your Personal Risk for Osteoporotic Fracture.  Have a DXA and a VFA, calculate FRAX, and test for 25-hydroxy Vit D, PTH, TSH, CBC and CMP.  Discuss the results with an Osteoporosis Specialist.

Osteoporosis Prevention is better than Treatment After Fracture.

Jay Ginther, MD

November 2011

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