Crohn’s, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Getting enough Calcium, Vitamin D, and other nutrients is tough enough when you have normal bowels.  Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, Celiac, Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss, and other bowel problems make it much harder to absorb needed nutrients and avoid osteoporosis.

The Crohn’s and Colitis Support Group last Thursday learned how to Take Control Naturally to Prevent Osteoporosis.  Otherwise, it is very likely to get you.  Who needs the added hassle of Fragility Fractures?A Complete Bone Health Evaluation will identify problem areas.  Adding VFA or lateral spine x-rays to DXA is extra important.  Then aggressively act to take control.  You can do it!

Calcium is critical.  Dietary Calcium from dairy products is often a problem.  All digestive challenges make Calcium Carbonate much less likely to work as a Calcium Supplement.  Therefore, always go with Calcium Citrate.  Dividing 1500 mg Calcium daily into 3 or more doses is very important.  Be sure to check PTH.

Absorbing Vitamin D is often a problem.  Be sure to test for 25-hydroxy Vitamin D.  Use Vitamin D3 (not D2) Supplement to bring your level to between 40 and 80 ng/ml.

Talk with your Gastroenterologist about other trace nutrients normally found in Multiple Vitamins & Minerals.  Probiotics may help, but without enough Calcium and Vit D, you are toast!

Do not add Fragility Fractures and Crumbling Spine to your woes.  Screen for and Prevent Osteoporosis.

Jay Ginther, MD

November 2011

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