Wee! Take Contol Naturally with Wii Fit

December 2, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Exercise is necessary for good Bone Health.  Muscle strength and balance not only prevent falls, but they also strengthen bones.

Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi, walking and light weights are all good.  But how can you participate at odd hours or when there is too much snow?

Our kids decided the “oldies” needed a Wii Fit from Santa a while back.  They also set it up and showed us how to use it.  We have upgraded to Wii Fit Plus.  Xbox Kinect is newer.

The advantage of this type of exercise is that each exercise option is demonstrated to you by your “personal trainer” on the TV screen.  The interaction of the trainer makes it less boring.

You can ease into each exercise gradually.  You can do it at any time and not worry about missing a specific class time.

We “compete” to stay fit.  The immediate feedback helps.  Unfortunately, it only works when we use it, but that is true of everything.

Take Control Naturally by asking Santa for Wii Fit or something similar.

Jay Ginther, MD

December 2011

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