Bone Mineral Density = Calcium in Bone

August 23, 2012 Leave your thoughts

I recently saw a patient who has not improved her Bone Mineral Density despite 2 years of Forteo followed by 3 years of Reclast.  The good news is that she stopped having Fragility Fractures.  But she is very disappointed that her BMD has not improved.

Her problem is obvious.  She is willing to take high-powered osteoporosis medications.  She is not willing to take Calcium either in her diet or in supplements.

Calcium is the mineral in Bone Mineral Density.  My patient increased the volume of bone matrix (collagen) in her bone with Forteo.  That increased her Bone Strength.  Calcium is the other half of Bone Strngth.  It is nearly impossible to increase Calcium BMD without adequate Calcium intake.

You must get enough Calcium (1200-1500 mg for most individuals) if you hope to maximize your bone health.  Include calcium in your diet as you can.  Add supplements if you need them.  We now have Adora Chocolates and Gummies if you don’t like pills.

Many individuals can Take Control Naturally with just Calcium, Vitamin D, and exercise.  Medications help, if you need them.  But medications cannot take the place of the basics.

If you want a better BMD, you need Calcium!

Jay Ginther, MD

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