Lactose Intolerant

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People who are lactose intolerant develope digestive problems when they eat dairy products.  Live culture yogurts or other “probiotics” may help in mild cases.  Persons with more serious intolerance should avoid dairy entirely.  Religion, personal ethics, or personal taste are non-medical reasons some people choose to avoid dairy.

Calcium Deficiency is common among persons avoiding dairy products.  Good bone health requires enough calcium in your diet.  Traditional cultures offer guidance about other foods high in calcium.  Modern nutritional substitute foods also give us options.

Lactose intolerance has been common in west Africa for thousands of generations.  Successful cultures there have eaten other foods high in calcium.  Collard greens, black-eyed peas, and okra are among the best.  The USDA website has a list of foods high in calcium.  Take Control Naturally by eating these foods.

Soy milk, almond milk, and a few orange juices have calcium added IF the label specifically says so.  Calcium Fortified OJ has as much calcium as milk.  However, I have to search for that one hidden among 20+ other OJs at my grocer.

Calcium Citrate Gummies are now available, as are other Calcium Chews.

Remember that dairy products are also a significant source of protein.  See my recent post about Vegan diets for protein rich foods.

Good bone health requires enough calcium in your diet.

Jay Ginther, MD

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