A Mother’s Sacrifice

May 12, 2013 Leave your thoughts

Mothers sacrifice many things for their children.  But did you know that they sacrifice their bones?  Children come first, even at the xpense of the mother’s bone health.

Before childbirth, protein, calcium, and other nutrients are directed toward the baby, at the expense of the mother’s health if necessary.  After childbirth it gets worse.  Nursing mothers must supply enough calcium, protein and other nutrients for the child to more than double in size.  Bones are particularly hard hit as the baby’s bones begin to take on more and more calcium.

As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew that pregnant and nursing women take incredibly long to heal fractures.  Any spare calcium is sent to the baby.  And if the mother is not drinking at least as much milk as she is producing, there is little calcium left for her.

The sudden drop in estrogen and progesterone which occurs with childbirth results in the mother mobilizing calcium from her bones to her bloodstream in preparation for lactation.  And she will continue to drain calcium from her bones until she stops nursing.

Women need to build up their bones as much as possible to make up for losses during pregnancy and lactation.  This is best done before and after the events.  Gals, get enough Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Protein.

Mothers, thanks for all you sacriufice for your children.

Jay Ginther, MD

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