October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day

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World Osteoporosis Day recognizes the ravages of osteoporosis on women internationally.  Worldwide the risk of Hip Fracture is equal to the risk of Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Uterine Cancer combined.  For many, death comes much sooner after hip fracture.

Osteoporosis is not limited to richer countries like the US, EU, Japan, etc.  Osteoporosis is even more devastating to poorer families in countries without welfare, where every member of the family must work their entire lives to ensure family survival.  The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) focuses on all women (and men).  World Osteoporosis Day is the day to learn about the IOF 5 point plan for better bone health.

The IOF 5 point plan for better bone health is: Exercise Regularly, Ensure a Diet Rich in Calcium, Avoid Negative Lifestyle Choices, Identify Your Risk, Talk to Your Doctor – Get Tested – Treated if needed.  Go to the website http://www.worldosteoporosisday.org for a video and brochures.  The main IOF website is www.iofbonehealth.org, or click the link to the right.

Take Control Naturally.  IOF and World Osteoporosis Day give you information and a day to start improving your bones for the rest of your life.

Jay Ginther, MD

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