Osteoporosis Screening by Heel Ultrasound

May 7, 2011 Leave your thoughts

Today we are offering free Osteoporosis Screening at a Health Fair.  We are using Heel Ultrasound.  This is good, but not as accurate a test as hip and spine DXA in predicting Osteoporosis and Fracture.  Why is this a good idea?  There are several reasons.

At a free community health fair, we are reaching persons who would otherwise not be screened at all for their Bone Health.  If this screening reveals a possible problem, they are more likely to seek further evaluation before a fracture makes the problem worse.

We are distributing information about the Calcium, Vitamin D and Multiple Vitamin needs for good Bone Health for all individuals of all ages.  Unnecessary Osteoporosis and Fracture problems can be avoided in many people by addressing these nutritional issues in Diet or Supplements decades before routine DXA testing is done.

We are encouraging individuals to learn more from this blog and other sources.  Knowledge about the steps necessary for good Bone Health gives individuals control over their future.

Why use a tool which is not as accurate as DXA in predicting Fracture Risk?  Likewise, why use DXA alone, which is not as accurate as a Full Osteoporosis Assessment?  DXA alone is only common in the US.  The rest of the world routinely uses multiple tools in assessing Fracture Risk.

A Full Osteoporosis / Fracture Risk Assessment includes:

DXA for Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA)

Personal and Family History for Risk Factors

Dietary assessment for Calcium and Vitamin D intake

Blood tests: CBC, CMP, TSH, PTH, 25-OH Vit D, “T” in men

Consultation and Action Plan

Take control of your Bone Health.  Avoid unnecessary Fracture Risk.

Jay Ginther, MD

7 May 2011

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