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Once again we are warned of the dangers of calcium supplements.  Once again those studies cited prescribed supplements without regard to total calcium intake, including diet.  What matters is total calcium intake, including diet.

I prescribe a lot of Calcium Citrate for my patients.  I would prefer not to.  Dietary Calcium is more easily digested than supplements, and appears to hold fewer dangers than Calcium Carbonate or other calcium supplements.  Unfortunately, we have lost our taste for calcium rich foods.  There are tasty choices.

See previous posts for a listing of calcium rich foods and Adora Premium Chocolates.  There is a reason why many peoples around the world have consumed milk, yogurt, cheese, collards, kale, black-eyed peas, okra, whole sardines, almonds and brocolli for hundreds of generations.  They supply the calcium needed for strong bones.

Remember that fresh is often better than processed food.  Excessive salt in many processed foods directly harms bones leading to osteoporosis.  This is covered in previous posts “Lower Your Salt – Save Your Bones” and “Salt Free in a Salty World”.

Take Control Naturally with enough dietary calcium.  At least 1000 mg daily, and 1200-1500 is better if you need to make up for years of neglect.  However, if you cannot eat enough calcium in your diet, you do need supplements. 

Remember, in order to absorb calcium from food or supplements, you need enough Vitamin D3.  A 25-hydroxy Vit D level of 40 or above is enough for everyone.  Check your level.  It’s probably lower than you realize.

Jay Ginther, MD

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