NOF Tip for 12 May – Safe Movement Brochure

May 12, 2020 Leave your thoughts

Knowing how to move safely avoids unnecessary risks for falls and fractures.  That can improve your life.  Avoid unnecessary risks.

NOF publication details proper bending, lifting, etc.

This brochure also tells how FRAX, VFA, TBS all improve the predictive power of DXA and BMD alone about who is at risk for fracture.  It also visually shows the 50% risk of fracture without antiresorptive treatment compared to the 0.017% risk of unusual fractures of jaw or femur with treatment.

Read the brochure.  If you need coaching for safe movement, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy can help.  Choose from 4 locations:  125 E Tower Park Dr, Waterloo – 319-232-6339; 1631 Logan Ave, Waterloo – 319-232-2630; UNI, 2351 Hudson Rd, Cedar Falls – 319-273-5265; 4612 Prairie Parkway, Cedar Falls.

Avoid unnecessary risks.

Jay Ginther, MD

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