Resolve to Take Control Naturally

January 1, 2012 Leave your thoughts

New Year’s Resolutions.  The routine ones are getting tired.  So what can I do that’s different?  What do I need?

I am worried about the economy, jobs, Europe, Iran, gas prices, elections, and the Mayan Calendar predicting the end of the world next December 21st.  I don’t think I can control any of those.  I want to be able to control SOMETHING in my life, and I can!  You can too!

Resolve to take control of Your Health.  Not just “lose the 10 pounds I gained during the Holidays”.  Take control of things that affect the rest of your life, like diabetes, high blood pressure and Bone Health.

Why worry about Bone Health?  You are not That Old yet!  But waiting until you are That Old can make osteoporosis impossible to prevent and difficult to salvage.

You can Take Control Naturally if you start young.  Enough Calcium, extra Vitamin D, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking are all important.  And all Natural!

Screening should be done if you have risk factors, like a parent with a hip fracture or inhalers for asthma.  If you have a Fragility Fracture, or as soon as you START menopause, it definitely is time to Know Where You Stand.

Get a complete Bone Health Evaluation.  That includes DXA, VFA, FRAX, and blood tests for Vitamin D level, CMP, CBC, TSH, and PTH.  Combine that with a careful history, exam, and a Consultation entirely about improving your Bone Health.

Resolve to take control now.  Avoid osteoporosis and fracture later.

Jay Ginther, MD

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