Take Control Naturally with Dietary Protein

May 31, 2013 Leave your thoughts

What do bones, muscles, strength, and balance all have in common?  Protein!  Where can you get protein?  In your diet.

I recently saw a patient who has severe osteoporosis with stress fracture.  She has thin, weak muscles.  Consequently, she moves very slowly, has difficulty getting out of a chair or climbing stairs, or even walking fast enough to keep up with her friends.  And her diet has virtually no protein.

She avoids meat, poultry, and fish because of texture and flavor.  She avoids dairy (including skim milk and cottage cheese) because of calories.  Vegetarian or even Vegan could work.  But she avoids beans, lentils, garbanzos, and soy for fear of gas….

She knows that muscles are protein, yet has severe sarcopenia largely due to a protein deficient diet.  She does not understand that bones are protein too.  She is reluctant to take medications, yet will not take control naturally by adding protein to her diet.

Too many older women – and men – fall into this pattern.  Some teens and twenties too.  Avoid this mistake.  Remember that you will fail without enough Calcium, Vit D3, and Protein.

Take Control Naturally with 2-3 portions of protein daily.

Jay Ginther, MD

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