Forteo is a Daily Shot, Like Insulin, But For Only 2 Years

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Forteo is a daily shot.  That is a nuicence, but a small price to pay for the only Anabolic, the only osteoporosis medication which will increase bone mass in spongy (cancellous) bone.  Diabetics give themselves a daily shot for the rest of their lives.  Forteo is for only 2 years and uses a tiny insulin needle. 

People worry about the warning that lab rats got Osteosarcoma after being given very high doses of Teriparatide for the equivalent of 70 human years.  We have not seen this in humans, or chimps, or monkeys, or dogs.  Rats have bones that grow all their lives.  We do not give Forteo to growing humans, pregnant women, nursing women, persons with Paget’s Disease or unexplained elevated Alkaline Phosphatase, or persons who have had radiation to their bones.

Remember that you must take adequate Calcium, with food, spread out over 3 meals. You must take enough Vitamin D3 to be able to absorb Calcium.  You must eat enough Protein for your OsteoBlasts to make new bone matrix.

DXA is a poor indicator of Forteo action early on.  DXA measures Calcium in bone.  Forteo increases bone matrix, but it takes 3 years to fully calcify new bone matrix and achieve top BMD.  Therefore, we cannot fully document the action of Forteo by DXA until 3 years after we finish a 2-year course.

If you have Severe Osteoporosis as measured by DXA, or FRAX, or have had a Hip Fracture, or Vertebral Fracture on VFA, you may be a candidate for the Anabolic, Forteo. 

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Jay Ginther, MD

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