Choose Your Parents Carefully

July 11, 2011 Leave your thoughts

You cannot really Choose Your Parents.  You CAN choose to observe and be warned.  Everyone inherits good and bad genes from their parents.

If your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents have all lost height as they aged and/or broken their hips, you probably inherited a tendency to have osteoporosis as well.  You have been warned.  Act early to avoid a similar fate.Osteoporosis is no longer Natural AND Unavoidable.  The earlier you begin to take action, the more effectively you can avoid the effects of osteoporosis for as long as possible.

You can Take Control Naturally with Calcium, Vitamin D, Exercise, and other measures we will talk about in future posts.  Start working on nutrition and exercise.  Avoid smoking!  Start teaching your children to do the same.

Test for Vitamin D level, BMD, and VFA.  Know your enemy (osteoporosis) and start the lifelong fight to avoid it!  You CAN win.  Often the Natural measures listed above are enough.  And if they are not, we have medications which can help.

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