You Are What You Eat

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Does this mean that you have to eat bones to have strong bones?  Well, sort of.  While it is fun to envision people chewing on Flintstone-sized bones, the Flintstone characters did something right.  They ate huge Brontosaurus steaks, which were PROTEIN.  The content of our bones is, surprizingly, over 80% Protein.  Therefore, we must eat enough Protein to maintain and strengthen our bones (and muscles).

The USDA recommends approximately 1 gram of Protein per kilogram of body weight per day.  Eating that much Protein daily will maintain a healthy body, including bone and muscle.  Persons over age 65 actually need MORE Protein rather than less, for the same sized body.

How much Protein do you need?  This often asked question is answered based on how much you weigh.  If you weigh:

Under 100 pounds   =    50 grams a day

100 to 150 pounds    =    60 grams a day

150 to 200 pounds    =    80 grams a day

200 to 250 pounds   =   100 grams a day

Over 250 pounds      =    120 grams a day

Over Age 65        =      Add 10 grams a day

Listed below are some common foods with their Protein conten in grams from the USDA website:

Milk or Yogurt (8 oz)                           10

Greek Yogurt (6 oz)                              15

1 oz Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, etc       7

1 cup Low-Fat Cottage Cheese               25

1 cup Beans – Kidney, Navy, Pinto, etc      15

1 cup Soybeans                              25

1 oz Almonds                                     5

Double Cheeseburger with bun              25

Chicken Filet Sandwich                  25

1 cup cooked Turkey Giblets         40

3 oz Beef or Chicken                        25

3 oz Shrimp or Crab meat               15

3 0z Salmon or Turkey                 20

2 slices Ham – prepackaged            10

1 Large Egg                          5

1 oz Peanut butter               5

1 cup Peas                           10

Tofu 1/4 block                        5

Fast Food Shake                    10

There are many different ways to get enough Protein.  Take Control Naturally.  Pick from your favorites.

Katie Bries, ARNP                     Guest Blogger

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