Prevent Second Fractures – and Prevent First Fractures Too

October 29, 2014 Leave your thoughts

Fractures are NOT FUN.  Not something you want to repeat.  Any fracture is a Bone Attack.  It is a warning that you probably have Bone Health issues that can be improved.  Get a Complete Bone Health Evaluation and work to prevent a second fracture.  Most people can succeed in preventing that second fracture.

I see many individuals who have had a first fracture.  Often the DXA, BMD, and T-score are not that bad.  I even see many who have good DXA test scores.  But they still fractured with relatively minor trauma.  They proved that they have increased Fracture Risk.  Why?

This is North America, so almost all had a 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level below 40ng/ml.  Many were below 20ng/ml.  At that level you cannot absorb much of the Calcium you take in.  Most did not take in enough Calcium.  Many skimped on Protein too.  Some were Smokers.  Some were on Steroid Inhalers.  Some had chosen their parents poorly and had inherited a genetic tendency for low bone quality.

A Complete Bone Health Evaluation will identify your potential problems.  About half of my fracture patients can then Take Control Naturally with Calcium, Vitamin D3, Protein, Multiple Vitamins& Minerals, Exercises, and No Medications.

You need not wait for your first fracture to start prevention of a second fracture.  You can avoid that first fracture too!

Jay Ginther, MD

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